The Breathing

“The Breathing”
Materials: silk threads, semi precious stone, copper wire, dried rose bud tea, Koryo stone, etc


This work was inspired by “breathing” from the view of Eastern philosophies, and was concepted based on my personal belief: “believe in power of imagination”. The work is composed of wearable artistic objects, and accompanying instructions as a trigger to evoke imagination out of people.

“Breathing” is not merely a physical activity but also a method to recognize your own existence. Furthermore, it is “life” itself. I incorporated this idea into this collection for making people sincerely face their true self, cherishing a connection with others, and regaining consciousness of all life over the world, by visualizing “breathing”.


“Imagine the Shape of Your Breathing”
Close your eyes, and breathe quietly.
Do you feel how the silk threads is shaking?
Imagine the threads is shaking like the cloud in spring sky.

“The Wind of Flower on the Cheek”
Close your eyes, and breathe quietly.
Smell and imagine the day of warm sunshine.
Remember the color of the rose in the early summer.
Slowly blow your own breath quietly against an other person’s cheek.

“The Breath on Your Palm”
Close your eyes, breathe quietly.
The other person blows a breath to the object.
Do you feel the round shape of breath on your palm?
Imagine that it is the wind blowing on the round
shaped quiet ocean, a little bird aims for offshore.

“The Sun Rays of Breathing”
Close your eyes, breath quietly.
Be blowed the object  by the other person,
the mirror rotates and reflects the sun rays on your face.
Do you see the sun on your closed eyes?
Feel the sunshine and imagin the light that when a newborn baby founds the world.

“Going Around the World”
Close your eyes, breathe out quietly.
Imagine that your breath grows as a single line from the hole in the object.
The line goes round the earth, and the breath taps on your shoulder to say “Hello”.

“The Breath Line”
Close your eyes, and breathe quietly.
Blow the thread ball with the breath, and rolling it until it is in front of the other person.
The ball reaches the other person, who traces the thread and returns to your fingertip, and greeting with both fingers.

“The Breath Drawing”
Close your eyes, and breathe quietly.
Blow the wings while imagining the world you want.
Then, you will find the map of the new world on the paper.

“The Sound of Breathing”
Close your eyes, breathe quietly.
Do you hear it?
Something is flowing in you.
Something invisible which proving what you are exist.
Then, Imagine the eight billion invisible energy on this planet.



Copyright © 2015 Hazuki Katagai All Rights Reserved.